Pickpockets pounce on soft targets

EDITOR – Pensioners, especially women, are soft targets for pickpockets.

On Thursday, 20 July I was shopping in Shoprite, Beach Road.

Suddenly my purse went missing. It happened as I was buying a Lotto ticket.

Fortunately I could phone my bank and stop my credit card. The staff at Shoprite were helpful and looked at the CCTV; however where it happened was in a blind spot. I had to report it to the police who were also helpful.

Now I have to go and get a new driver’s licence (I just had my licence renewed last year), a new ID, and replace all my other cards such as Medihelp, library and so on, which are gone.

I’m just hoping that after the thieves took my cash, they threw my purse away and someone picked it up and handed it to the police.


South Coast Sun

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