Offbeat articles

Bald New Zealand killer wins toupee lawsuit

A convicted murderer and child molester in New Zealand won a lawsuit Thursday arguing prison authorities breached his rights by confiscating a toupee he used to disguise himself when fleeing the country.

BBC interview dad laments online fame

An academic who became a global internet sensation when his children interrupted a live television interview lamented the perils of online fame Wednesday, telling reporters: “I’m so through with this.”

Bra parachute wins Australia flying contest

An actor tethered to a homemade parachute made out of bras on Sunday flew his way to the top of a quirky Australian competition, beating other contestants dressed as a balloon horse and winged reptile.

Trump surprises White House visitors

US President Donald Trump dropped in unannounced on roughly 100 schoolchildren touring the White House on Tuesday, greeting them beneath a picture of his vanquished election rival Hillary Clinton.

Serbs call off pork jelly feast after church threats

An annual festival of pork jelly, the pride of the small Serbian village of Rumenka, has been cancelled after the Orthodox Church threatened organisers with excommunication for celebrating during lent.