Tow trucker’s ‘visit’ leaves a bad taste

Imagine my surprise when I returned home to suddenly find a tow truck van parked in my driveway, the occupant politely handing over his business card to my brother through the gate.

Those who fall on hard times rely on customers

A recent visit to Westville correctional facility confirmed that their awaiting trial section (which includes petty crime) is 37% overpopulated and some inmates who are unable to post bail, have been there for five or six months at a daily cost of R375 (R11,250 per month) to the taxpayer.

Heed the pain of the voiceless

No thought was given to the fact that mommy will have babies again and again, but then I’m not even sure if mommy is still alive, as what happened next bodes ill for her as well.

Kudos to Toti SAPS

I was also assisted very efficiently with organising my police clearance certificate.