16 ways to stretch your beauty budget

Body scrub finished? Run out of shampoo? Sometimes the beauty products are depleted before you’re able to replenish the stocks. These clever budget beauty tips will help you make the most of your beauty budget.


Try these clever ideas that will stretch your budget and keep your beauty routine on track!

1. Out of exfoliator? Mix brown sugar and honey to form a paste and gently exfoliate for glowing skin.

2. If you’ve run out of dry shampoo, pat a small amount of baby powder on your roots.

3. Trying to make the last drops of your favourite fragrance last longer? Add them to an unscented moisturiser to use all over your body.

4. Only have a tiny bit of foundation left? Make your own tinted moisturiser by mixing it with your day cream.

5. Look out for sales and double up on your everyday products.

6. Use your eye cream as cuticle cream too.

7. Need toner in a hurry? Add cooled green tea or rose water to a spritzer bottle!

8. Run a lemon over your nails to help fade yellow stains. Or mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with two tablespoons of water and soak your nails for 15 minutes.

9.Buy multipurpose beauty products – think SPF moisturiser, body wash and shampoo combos, and body exfoliator and wash in one.

10.Running out of shaving cream? Use conditioner for silky, soft skin.

11.If your painted nails are peeling and you can’t make it to a salon, apply a coat of glitter nail polish – it looks great and will last until your next manicure.

12.Broke your favourite lipstick? Use a lighter to melt the bottom of the broken piece, reattach it to the stick, hold it in place and leave in the fridge for an hour.

13.Apple cider vinegar works wonders for your skin and hair. It strips your hair of product build-up and adds shine, and can also be used as a toner for your skin.

14.Everyone’s skin reacts to products differently. Ask for samples at make-up counters and give yourself a test run; you want to ensure your skin doesn’t react before making a commitment.

15.Shrink a pimple in minutes by dabbing it with a little mouthwash – the alcohol will dry it up and help it fade.

16.Follow beauty blogs – many bloggers have competitions and giveaways of the products they review.


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Holly Konig

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