Work together to resolve state of beach toilets

EDITOR – I refer to the anonymous person’s article headlined ‘Local beach toilets are putrid’ and published in the Sun edition dated 7 July 2017, with regards to public toilets that are in a disgusting state in Warner Beach and Winklespruit.

READ THE LETTER HERE: Local beach toilets are putrid [Response from CCLR Andre Beetge]

I must agree with you, but I invite you to pay the Doonside (Dick King PL Road) public toilets a visit where you will witness clean public toilets. The real reason for this is because I personally make an effort and inspect our public toilets at any given time. But, these public toilets would not be clean without the dedicated valued team of municipal workers who are responsible for a clean area including our public toilets.

Within time, the much-needed attention of locking the toilets will be addressed soon. A toilet roll when entering a public toilet is known globally, not just here in South Africa. Public toilets inside that are always wet at all times, you will have to accept, due to being on the beach. You have beachgoers visiting the toilets at all times who are wet from the sea and will bring water and sea sand with them into the toilets. This is understandable.

Because of my continued efforts and negotiations within Doonside (Dick King PL road), we have clean public toilets and a litter-free Warner and Doonside beaches – you can do the same.

We as a community, need to take responsibility and play a role and work alongside our valued team of municipal workers and point out to them what needs to be done. I am confident that a positive, respectable approach towards them will make all the difference. You can also ask to speak to a municipal worker’s immediate superior who is on duty at all sites. They are very understanding and will take time to listen to you and address your request with no problem at all. I speak from experience.



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