Illegally caught fish found at Illovo River bridge [VIDEO]

Some of the fish recovered from illegal gill netters by Umkomaas police on Saturday, 15 July.

Umkomaas police once again caught illegal gill netters red-handed on Saturday morning, 15 July.

Warrant officer, Logan Naidoo was travelling to Isipingo with constable Emmanuel John when they spotted two men sitting under the Illovo River bridge at about 7am.

They saw a vehicle pull up to the men. Suspecting something suspicious was going down, he turned their vehicle around.

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“As soon as he saw us coming, the vehicle left and we saw five buckets had been left with the men,” said officer Logan.

When the buckets were opened, there was an assortment of illegally caught fish.

These included

  • 127 mullet,
  • 145 river bream,
  • five river perch,
  • one barbel,
  • 20 slimeys and
  • two spotted grunter.

While Logan and John inspected the buckets, the two men escaped through the bush. Their gill net, which was still in the water, was seized.

READ ALSO: Umkomaas police catch illegal gill netters red-handed

The police managed to release some of the fish back into the Umkomaas River and the rest were taken to Crocworld Conservation Centre.

Officer Logan said they will keep a close eye on the rivers and urged the public to call the police if they spot any suspicious activity.

WATCH VIDEO: W/O L Naidoo  and Constable  E John manage to release some of the fish that were still alive


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