Tips to be productive when working from home

While working from home is a dream for many, it often presents a lot more challenges than people expect.

From not knowing when to ‘clock out’ or even when to get started. Productivity and relationships for many often struggle as the person can never feel truly present in either. At times, finding a balance between work and life can feel impossible.

Five work-from-home entrepreneurs share their advice to remain productive and achieve work-life balance when working from home:

1. You have to know yourself.

You cannot lose sight of what is important to you. It may be your family, your partner. This doesn’t always mean that work needs to take the back seat, but rather if what is important to you needs attention, you won’t think twice.

2. Do not aim for perfect, aim for what works for you.

Create your unique formula. It may be splitting your days in half to dedicate the morning to work and the afternoon and night to your personal and family life, or it may be focusing on work for three days straight and taking a one-day break in between.

3. Make sure that you are in control of your daily schedule and plan ahead.

Do not forget to set aside time to take care of yourself as well. It is a good way to reset your mind and come back feeling even more productive and energised.

4. Changing your scenery can really help when you work from home.

Going to a nearby coffee shop or your neighbourhood library gets you out of the house, but a simple change of scenery at home can also be inspiring.

5. Figure out the time of day when you’re most productive.

For some people it’s mornings, others it’s evenings, sometimes it’s in between – run with it. Turn off all of your distractions, make a list of things you need to get done, prioritise them, and get to work. If you’re finding out that you’re making up excuses to not work, then that might be a way of your body telling you to relax. Listen to it. Go do whatever you do to recharge or rest, then come back fully ready.

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