Puzzled over what law enforcement is all about

EDITOR – I refer to the article headlined ‘Car wash costs owner R1,000’ published in the Sun edition dated Friday, 7 June.

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I hope the officer that issued the fine to the person for having their car washed is proud of him or herself.

Choosing a ‘soft target’ is the easy option. Surely a fine could have been issued. It would have been more appropriate? Shame on you.

Was the driver and car guard aware of this bylaw, and why was the car guard not fined, as he was rendering the service?

When and where was this bylaw published? Few people can afford a daily newspaper, let alone access to the municipality website.

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I suggest this traffic officer and their colleagues stop in front of and opposite Kingsway Hospital and fine the numerous motorists that travel before sunrise and after sunset without lights, as they are the real danger to other law-abiding motorists as they can see you, but you cannot see them.

The same goes for those NPA traffic officers that never fine the countless motorists who use the emergency lane from Doonside all the way down Twini Hill as an express lane every single day. The officers only seem to work from 9am to 5pm.

It keeps us wondering what law enforcement is all about.



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