Amanzimtoti councillor gives feedback on local projects

Ward 97 councillor, Andre Beetge.

Ward 97 councillor, Andre Beetge reports back on council projects taking place in Amanzimtoti.

“While challenges are experienced due to soil complexity and rock at the Almond Road and Old Main Road sewage articulation project, some 300m of piping is already in the ground and the project remains on schedule,” said Cllr Beetge.

Residents are requested to continue accommodating access to contractors in the interest of completing the project timely.

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Put your money where your mouth is

“Residents and business owners along Kingsway and Elcock Road in Warner Beach might think either the municipality or railway authority could be responsible for the clearing of bush, rubble removal and cleaning along the railway lines.

The reality of the matter is that it was being done by a few individuals funded by a mere handful residents in the immediate area,” said Cllr Beetge.

Under close guidance of Jan Pauw and Barret Nielssen, community-funded labour has systematically removed alien invaders, illegally dumped rubble, rusted wiring and illegally dumped domestic waste in an effort to enhance the area by creating an open, park-like and safer area through the Warner Beach CBD.

The area along Kingsway and Elcock Road in Warner Beach after the clearing of bush, rubble removal and cleaning along the railway lines. PHOTOS: Andre Beetge

“The project has progressed from and includes constant maintenance to the pedestrian subway, in a southern direction towards the Warner Beach Caltex garage.
Security cameras installed at the subway pedestrian walkway have already been successful in fighting crime.

Funding permitting, the next phase will see the project continue towards the rear of Auto Rust and Subway Bridge and thereafter north towards Baggies.

The question is, “Do you like what you see? An appeal is issued to all business owners and residents to contribute towards the project. Small monthly amounts would be preferable, thereby allowing for better planning which includes weekly or bi-weekly maintenance of areas that have already been cleared.”

Contact Cllr Beetge on 082-718-8137 for more information and banking details.

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Beach access steps in Warnadoone Road, Warner beach

“We were recently alerted to beach sand that continues to congest steps installed across from the Warner Beach Angling Club and subsequent spillage thereof onto the road surface along Warnadoone Road,” said Cllr Beetge.

A TLB was requisitioned to assist with clearing the sand build-up on Monday, 24 July. “It, however soon became clear that not only was it a futile exercise to move sand that was naturally forming the dune, but municipal infrastructure was being destroyed by the (natural) sand build-up, thereby at considerable replacement cost to the ratepayer.

Having consulted with beach management, conservancy, traffic authorities (steps are installed off a narrow road without parking or a pedestrian sidewalk and close to a blind corner) and ad hoc members of the public that included the proprietor of Warner Beach Shore Angling Club across the street, consideration is being extended to removing the steps and closing off the thoroughfare onto the beach.

It would in essence afford nature the opportunity to take its course in stabilising the gradient of the dune, with vegetation to be introduced to rehabilitate the dune and deter sand build-up on the driving surface of the road.

The existing steps are, due to weight and environmental changes, damaged to the point of requiring replacement and their removal would essentially mean that pedestrians approaching the beach from the southern side, would have to walk about 40 metres further to gain beach access.”

Beach sand congests steps installed across from the Warner Beach Angling Club.

Pensioners’ rebate

The city apologises for pensioners’ rates rebates not being timeously processed to reflect on the July statements.

The problem is being attended to and will be resolved prior to the August billing. Pensioners will be credited double.

Earl Baillache

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