4 Paws appeals for public support

EDITOR – We look around us and we can all see that things have changed.

Work is scarce and money is tight, but we carry on regardless.

The abandonment of pets has become an every day occurrence and rescue groups like ourselves are inundated with animals that have been left behind and are homeless.

A family of dogs consisting of mommy, daddy and eight puppies were dropped off in the veld in Craigieburn last week.

We were called and set up camp for them as we have no kennels or land of our own. People living close by kept an eye and by the grace of God, we placed six of the puppies within days. Mommy and daddy are being sterilised and mommy has a possible home. Daddy will be cared for. Both these dogs are well mannered and especially sweet. I do not understand how one does this, no matter what your situation is.

Constant calls from caring folk come in daily about dogs that are sitting on the corner of a street for days, waiting to be collected by the owner, which never happens. What to do with these poor creatures? Take them to the SPCA? Do people really understand how full they are? That they can also only take in so many strays before euthanasia is the only alternative for the sick and old. If you cannot keep your animals for a lifetime, then don’t get any. They are not a piece of furniture you can replace any time. Think before you make this commitment.

Our charity shops are doing well and we are looking at expanding the shop in Scottburgh, so thank you to our supporters who donate goods and to those who support by buying from us. May you all be blessed. Don’t stop giving though as stocks are currently low and we have so many dogs and cats that need to be fed and sterilised in order to stop the overpopulation and suffering of these animals.

We are also in need of volunteers to work at our shop in Scottburgh, so if you want to get involved but are not up to facing the heartache, then the shop is the place to do your bit to help the voiceless. See Ruth at the shop or contact me.

On a sad note, we would like to say goodbye to Mamma dog who died last week. She was the founder member of 4 Paws and a Tale Rescue, the very first dog we ever fed and sterilised. She reigned over the pack in her area like only a good queen should. RIP my beautiful girl. You inspired us to continue no matter what. Your silly little turns and dances will be missed but we will remember you forever. Until we meet again, run free.


Nicky – 4 Paws and a Tale Rescue

South Coast Sun

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