Robber nabbed with victim’s possessions

A robber was apprehended and charged on Monday morning, 7 August after swift work by the Community Crime Prevention Organisation (CCPO).

An elderly man using a walking stick in the Toti CBD was attacked yesterday and thrown roughly to the ground by the robber, who then robbed him of his wallet and car keys.

The apprehended robber.

“Unfortunately for the criminal, the place he chose to commit the crime was covered by CCTV cameras, and the CCPO managed to get the footage, which was then placed on our WhatsApp action group,” said CCPO committee member, George Snodey.

“The suspect’s face was clearly visible and he was quickly recognised.”

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This morning (Wednesday, 8 August) CCPO supervisor, Michael Mkhize searched for and located him. He found the pensioner’s wallet and car keys on him.

The victim was traced through his wallet found on the robber.

“As no case had yet been opened, operations manager, Rupert Smit looked in the wallet and found a number for the victim. He was contacted and was on his way to open a case, so that the man can be criminally charged and locked up,” said Snodey.



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