How to check if your money is real

There will be a time when we get fake notes unknowingly. It looks real and really, who has the time to check?

Make the time! It is easy to spot whether the money you were given was fake or real. There are specific security features on the note that can help you spot the differences.

According to the South African Reserve Bank, these are the features you should look out for:


  • A watermark formed within the paper – When held up to the light, the image is visible and will not produce on colour copiers;
  • A security thread running through the banknote paper – A special thread is woven into the paper. On the front it appears a silvery stripe. When held up to direct light, it appears as a continuous line on which the letters “SARB” can be seen.
  • High quality paper – Members of the public report that they recognise a banknote as a counterfeit by the texture of the paper.
  • Print quality – The fineness of the print quality on a genuine banknote is difficult for current scanning equipment to resolve properly. Intaglio printing, where thick ink lends a raised surface to the print surface, is difficult to reproduce cheaply.
  • The latest design features and technologies are constantly monitored and applied where applicable.
  • Hold your banknote up to direct light and you will see its safety features.

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