Buoyed by lifesavers’ commitment

EDITOR – On Tuesday morning, I was enjoying the stunning view from the deck outside the Warnerdoone Lifesaving Club.

The ocean shimmered like silver satin with visibility south as far as Winkle beach and north almost as far as Isipingo beach.

I thought how privileged I was to live in this beautiful area. There were no bathers but I observed the activities of four lifesavers. Instead of just lying on the sand and soaking up the sun, they engaged in physical exercises for the 60 minutes I was there. They would either swim out to beyond the breakers, or jog along the beach, do press-ups, or paddle the surfskis almost to the shark nets and back.

I came away with the comforting thought that should a bather in distress need help, these young men are fit enough to rush to their aid.


South Coast Sun

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