5 tips to avoid getting the flu

The best way to treat a cold is with fluids and plenty of rest. (Pic taken from naturallyhealthyparenting.com)

It’s been a tough winter for many, with doctors rooms packed and long queues at the phamacies.

The ‘dreaded lurgy’ has certainly done its rounds. With spring around the corner, it’s often the changing of seasons which can bring this on.

Many struggle with allergies, resulting in blocked sinuses and the like.

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Here are 5 tips for avoiding getting the cold and flu, as suggested by Suz Redfearn on WebMD.

1. Get a flu shot.

2. Wash your hands. A lot. Especially after a visit with someone who is sick.

3. Avoid getting close to people who are sick. For example, don’t shake hands.

4. Keep your surroundings clean. Sanitise doorknobs and light switches.

5. Keep up a healthy lifestyle. Sounds obvious, but it’s important to look after your own health.

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Do all the things we all should be doing on a daily basis anyway:

  • Get adequate rest;
  • Get good nutrition
  • Don’t smoke
  • Keep your allergies controlled.


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