Amanzimtoti complex burglar linked to Adams Road home invasion

An opportune apprehension of a housebreaker by the CCPO’s George Snodey on Monday, 28 August has taken a wanted criminal off Toti streets.

A thief who was caught by the Community Crime Prevention Organisation (CCPO) in School Road last week was wanted by Amanzimtoti detectives for an home invasion.

CCPO committee member, George Snodey happened to be driving in School Road on Monday, 28 August when he saw the man running with a generator and managed to box him in and apprehend him.”

The thief was taken to Toti SAPS, where he was charged and detained. “It was good to find out from the CIDs that this suspect was on their wanted list and they have been looking for him for a long time,” said Snodey.

He was involved in a home invasion in a complex in Adams Road in July last year and he has a long rap sheet, which includes possession of firearm and ammunition, housebreakings and dealing in drugs.

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It was a good arrest and he should get at least 15 years this time. Hopefully we won’t be seeing him again. More cases are likely to be added once his fingerprints come back.

That’s why I’m of the opinion that if you stay in a complex, you should still contribute to the CCPO. We are getting the scum off the streets and you need to assist us because complex residents are as vulnerable as the rest of us when it comes to crime.”



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