Food items you should always have in your kitchen

Whenever you are buying groceries, there are some items which are a must have. It could be because they are super healthy or simply easy to make.

  • Eggs– contains an excellent source of protein, easy to make and filling too.


Toast dipped into the warm runny yolk of a soft boiled egg

  • Spinach– easy to make and contains vitamin A and K.

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salad with strawberry spinach leaves and feta cheese on white background

  • Whole grains/ brown rice – easy to make. Ideal to be served as stir fry or main meal



Peas brown rice quinoa and buckwheat on wooden background

  • Avocado– they are packed with super- healthy fats. Could be ideal as a smoothie or bread spread.

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Fresh Avocado Salad Close Up


  • Popcorn kernel– perfect healthy home snack.

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Corn and oil

  • Onions– they make everything taste better.

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A pickled onion on a fork over a bowl full of the same

  • Canned black beans– amazing source of protein and fibre.

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Black beans bag with wooden scoop on white background

  • Fruits– super healthy and they contain a source of vitamins.

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Bowl with fruits couple in the background in the kitchen

  • Tortilla– could be consumed cold and hot, very filling and edible. Could be a great substitute for bread.

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Delicious tortillas stuffed with bacon and colorful arugula salad

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