Amanzimtoti bodyboarding trio stoked to ride SA champs’ waves

THREE local bodyboarders are gearing up to represent the eThekwini Bodyboarding Association at the upcoming South African Bodyboarding Championships from 2 until 6 October.

The host team is training hard to hold their winning title for the sixth year in a row.

This year marks the prestigious 30th annual running of the event and it is taking place in Durban. “There are 19 bodyboarders in the team and three of us are Warner Beach locals,” said chairman, Simon Williamson.
“Last year the Ethekwini Bodyboarding Association, our team, won the contest for the fifth year in a row. We’re holding thumbs for the title this year too.”

Five trials were hosted this year and Warner Beach’s Simon (37), Tiaan Smit (17) and Christiaan de Klerk (16) were among the top riders from each division on a point scoring basis who were then selected for the training squad and the final team for SA champs.

eThekwini Bodyboarding Association chairman Simon Williamson with Tiaan Smit and Christiaan de Klerk.


Simon admits that his team has a good possibility of winning, but he is well aware that the Ugu district team as well as the Western Province team are training hard. “It’s going to be very tough but I am super confident we have what it takes,” he said.

“With Ethekwini Bodyboarding Association being host to all the provincial teams, it’s been a hard six months,” said the chairman. “A lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work has been done, as well as securing sponsorship from companies.”

Simon is confident that the eThekwini Bodyboarding organising committee’s hard work and perseverance will ensure a phenomenal South African bodyboarding championship is hosted in Durban.

“The team has been training hard,” said Simon. “The motivation and stoke drives us to go above and beyond our expectations.”

Spectators and competitors alike can expect to enjoy some great bodyboarding action on the various beaches around Durban. From the infamous Durban ‘Super Banks’ to the iconic Brighton Beach located on the Bluff, the home of the Cave Rock Invitational and some of the world’s best waves. This is a roaming event which will enable the country’s best bodyboarders to ride the best waves the city has to offer.

Tiaan Smit is one of three locals that will go on to compete in the South African Bodyboarding Championships in Durban this October.


Simon has been involved with the team for some seven years.

“It began when I started the Warner Beach Bodyboarding Club in 2010 and was offered a position as team manager from 2011 until 2015. I took over as chairman in 2016,” he explained.

“Bodyboarding is a phenomenal sport to get into, regardless of age or colour,” said Simon. “It allows you to do a full body workout, share the ocean with fellow riders and the stoke for our sport.”

eThekwini Bodyboarding Association chairman, Simon Wiliiamson has been involved with the team for some seven years.


The boardrider went on to explain how those interested can get involved.

“You have to have the necessary equipment, namely a bodyboard, fins, a leash and a wetsuit if you decide to start in Winter,” he said. “There are local clubs that you can join. If you feel your riding is up to standard, follow the local clubs on social media for updates on trials, which you’re welcome to enter. This is an open invitation to all skill levels.”

Simon thanked the committee, friends and family for the support received and team captain, Michael Ostler for pushing the riders to do their best.

“A huge thank you is also owed to all sponsors for believing in us and supporting this event,” said Simon.

PHOTO: Alex Mcgown Photography



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