10 ‘Magic’ foods that are said to burn belly fat fast

Stop torturing yourself with the ‘celery diet’ and other ‘fad’ diets, because it’s bad for your health and does not work in the long run. Rather include foods in your diet plan that promote losing stubborn belly fat faster.

According to Bright Side, these are the foods which will help melt that ‘jelly belly’.

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  • Citrus fruits – Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and eating them lowers insulin levels and assists the body with digesting fats faster.
  • Seafood – contain monounsaturated fats can help to avoid the accumulation of extra fat.
  • Bananas – great source of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins and just one banana a day can actually help you with your weight loss battle.
  • Fish – high in Omega-3 fatty acids can eliminate excess fat and prevent fat accumulation.
  • Apples – an ideal food to burn abdominal fat because they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Extra virgin olive oil – helps eliminate ‘bad’ (saturated) fats while lowering stress hormone (cortisol) levels that influence weight gain.
  • Melons and watermelons – rich in water and potassium lowers the chance of bloating or swelling.
  • Avocados – contain oleic acid which magically reduces the feeling of hunger.
  • Tomatoes – reduce the amount of lipids (fat and cholesterol) in the bloodstream.
  • Berries – give a feeling of fullness, and also contain flavonoids that reduce fat and sugar.





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