Hearing impaired school hosts concert in deaf awareness month

Sharda Naidoo, Linda Chetty, Lion Pat Wilson, Aarthi Satayapal, Deshni Pillay and Cindy Naidoo Baijoo enjoy themselves at the Durban School for the Hearing Impaired to celebrate Deaf Awareness Month.

The Durban School for the Hearing Impaired hosted a concert to celebrate Deaf Awareness Month at its premises in Adams Road on Thursday, 7 September.

Audience members were treated to various speakers on hearing loss and amplification for the deaf, while the school’s pupils showcased their talents through song and dance.

The purpose of Deaf Awareness Month in September is to increase awareness of deaf issues, people and culture. Activities and events throughout the month encourage individuals to come together as a community for both educational events and celebrations.

The Durban School for the Hearing Impaired opened in 1969 and today boasts a primary and high school. “We have three components or units in our school – a deaf or hearing impaired unit, an autistic unit and an intellectually disabled unit,” said the school’s head of audiology, Aarthi Satayapal.

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“We thank the Kingsburgh Lions Club for donating 300 packets of chips to our pupils.”

The school offers the community’s underprivileged free hearing screenings for possible pupils to attend the school and to create awareness. Call Aarthi on 031-903-7253 on a Thursday or Friday to book a hearing test and possible enrolment for your child.

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Deaf Awareness Month at Durban School for the Hearing Impaired