Railway line road bridge repairs derail

EDITOR – Could someone tell me when the reconstruction of the damaged Kingsway railway line road bridge is going to be completed?

I have never come across such an incompetent company that was awarded this contract.

Complete office blocks have been built in shorter time and all they’ve got to do is repair the pedestrian part of it.

If this were overseas it would have been completed within three months max. The traffic department are there for a short period until they decide enough is enough and go home. I hardly ever see real work being done.

The only thing they do regularly is start late, talk and talk, go for tea, lunch and leave early. There are no real co-ordinated traffic or safety controls on their part. It is just a matter of time before a serious injury occurs.

These guys should be kicked off site and some other competent company should finish it off.



South Coast Sun

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