[PHOTOS] Storm wreaks widespread damage across Amanzimtoti

These are the latest reports from residents and ward 97 councillor, Andre Beetge of the rain damage to Amanzimtoti, to date.

Mudslide over Mopani Road with no access.

Stay away from Isundu Road, as water is coming down Kingfisher, Gordon and Bhengu roads. It has flooded the road and pumpstation, with the water level almost 1m deep.

Northern end of Beach Road toward Pipeline Beach is isolated after the embankment came down.

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Beware of tree branches on the road surface along Kingsway, Warner Beach near the Almond Road intersection.

It is believed a parked car was swept away, possibly into the lagoon. This could not be confirmed.

Kingsway in front of Amanzimtoti railway station is closed and impassable.

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