10 tips to support people suffering from depression

People with depression are some of the strongest people you will ever meet, despite what you may think.

Your role as a friend, relative, partner or acquaintance is to just be there for them, to remind them to continue being as strong as they’re capable of being when living with this mental disorder.

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David Wolfe reminded us to keep these 10 things in mind when a loved one is suffering from depression:

1. Depression is not a choice. It leaves people paralised in their own mind and body.

2. Avoid the cliche phrases. Avoid phrases like ‘you will be fine’, ‘you just need to get out’, ‘you’re thinking too much’. It creates more tension within, making them feel worse. Instead, say things like, ‘I’m here for you’.

4. When they become distant, don’t force them to open up and hang out. They isolate themselves because the guilt of being a burden to their loved ones is weighing them down.

5. It is okay to get frustrated every now and then. Figure out how to support them without self-sacrificing.


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6. They get overwhelmed with the most menial things. They may seem totally fine one moment and then be tired and have no energy the next. Constant exhaustion is a common side effect of living with this disorder.

7. Keep in mind that it’s not about you. They are going through a battle within their minds every single day.

8. Try not to compare your experiences with theirs. Depression is a mental disorder, it’s different from having a bad day or feeling sad.

9. Never play the ‘bad cop’ role. Negative reinforcement won’t work with people dealing with depression. You will only shrink them further because of the pressure.

10. Try to see things from their perspective. Imagine a life where you’re constantly overpowered by your mind.


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