Find your constant source of happiness with these tips

Happiness is all any of us really want. All the rest is just undertaken in the hope of reaching a point of complete happiness.

If complete happiness really exists or not, no one can be sure. But for now, we can try our best to get as close to that desirable place as possible.

For some of us, happiness finds and fills us to the brim with little effort required. For others, it requires making mindful decisions every day.

Here are 10 things Kimberly Valzania from Elephant Journal listed that happy people apparently do:

1. Self expression

Those who are happy are not afraid to respectfully speak up. They’re not consumed with the worry of losing friends, ruffling feathers or making sure everyone agrees with them. Happy people say exactly what they mean, and mean what they say. All the time spent worrying if you’re going to cause dis-ease causes great dis-ease within you, and that reduces the amount of happiness we feel to nearly nothing. Happy people have no problem sharing ideas, opinions, or tidbits of wisdom gleaned from life, but are careful not to push any of it onto anyone. By releasing your emotions into the world and being truly you, happiness follows shortly after.

2. Trying out new things

Happy people refuse to let their hesitations prevent them from trying out something new or unknown. They worry not about if they look or sound silly, or if they’re going to mess up at whatever they’re trying out.

“New things wake us up, and make us feel alive,” said Kimberly Valzania from Elephant Journal. “We do not shy away from meeting new people or discovering new places. In other words, traveling outside comfort zones is more exciting than stressful. It is a blessing instead of a chore.”

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3. Being true to one’s word

Breaking promises and cancelling plans aren’t things to do if you’re looking to be happy. Do exactly what you say you’re going to do and if you’re told a secret, don’t tell a soul. Be loyal and good, be the person you would like to have around – that will surely bring you a step closer to happiness.

4. Exercise, don’t make excuses

Thousands of scientific reasons have been shared for us to exercise more often. One of the most important is that moving around and exerting yourself physically literally makes you happier by releasing many feel-good hormones. By skipping that workout you planned on doing you’re not only letting yourself down (remember point three?) but also depriving yourself of that chance to get the happy hormones circulating and working their magic.

5. Believe in miracles and magic

Those who are happy feel hopeful and are open to possibilities. The imagines and what ifs are often pondered on.

“Having an open mind opens the door to paths less traveled. We remain open to the unusual, and that can be a great source of unexpected delight,” said Valzania.

6. Let love in

Work at it, accept when its there – or not – and don’t be dissatisfied in your relationships. Strive to be the givers (without expecting in return), to be compassionate and compromising.

“Love works when it’s selflessly given. If we feed, water, and walk the humans we love the same way we do our pets, our given love boomerangs back to us without manipulation. We see love for what it is, a glorious and miraculously divine thing that is important to honor,” said Valzania.

7. Prioritise self-care

On the note of point seven above, those seeking happiness need to make a concerted effort to feed, water and walk themselves too. Self-care is simply showing yourself that you have self-love and respect for your life. Living in a state of gratitude for all around you is one of the first steps to reaching a blissful state of happiness.

“We watch what we eat, we refrain from smoking and taking drugs, and we partake in alcoholic libations moderately. We live and we have fun, but we don’t overdo it,” said Valzania.

8. Learn to say no

If you’re faced with something that isn’t going to grow you in any way, it is vital to learn how to say no. Those who are happy find this easier as they know the worth of that happiness, and that by folding and pleasing everyone around you will rob you of it.

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9. Sleep

Happy people don’t stay up late, wasting those precious hours on something that’s not completely worth it. They value their shut-eye time, and stick to a routine because they know that sleep will aid them in being better people the next day.

10. Know that alone doesn’t mean lonely

For happy people, being by themselves, lost in thoughts and ambitions is a blessing. They know that they have enough sustained friendship and human connection in our lives, and don’t fear time alone.

“As a runner, I feel this way,” admitted Valzania. “Sometimes I’m out on the road by myself for lengthy periods of time, and yet being alone doesn’t bother me because it’s my thinking time. It’s my time to just be with me. Going mindfully inward is part of what makes me happy. It helps me absorb and process all of the socialising and togetherness I have with my friends and family.”

If seeking happiness, try incorporate some of the above pointers into your day. For some, it’s as simple as it should be:

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