New VR Horror will Jangle Gamers’ Nerves

Virtual reality has seen another unusual user product, created in the style of “choose yourself, how will your adventure go”. The game with the cute name Speak Of The Devil will allow the user to choose how to move through a gloomy frightening storyline.

The new application was released earlier last week. The game was released for the platform of virtual reality Google Daydream. Being a first-person horror story, the new game plunges you into an interactive narrative movie, while the VR kit hyperbolizes the perception of the events in the story. The brand-new application was created by Light Sail VR studios. Released a great number of the next-generation games, the same team has previously introduced a non-interactive 360-degree user product based on the horror franchise Paranormal Activity.

In the new application Speak Of The Devil, you will meet a couple of main characters. A man and a woman are sauntering through the woods, yet their sweet walk does not last long. Keeping with the finest traditions of the genre, some supernatural demonic events start to pop up. Later, they will pursue the viewer himself.

Features of the application:
In the new Speak Of The Devil game, it is up to you to choose where exactly in the forest you want to play games with supernatural power. Also, you are free to pick the actions to take after the start of frightening events.

The developers revealed that only one correct choice will lead the user to the escape from the forest. While the remaining 12 options will lead you to the death of two heroes.

The VR Horror boasts a number of celebrities starring in this scary drama: Taylor Murphy-Sinclair (Fame Dogs), a 33-year-old actor Grant Terry (Bones, Grimm), and Mick Ignis (Sandman, Severus Snape). The video was directed by the Californian director Matthew Celia and was released as part of Google’s Jumpstart program.

Speak Of The Devil is available for $ 2.99 on Daydream. Other platforms will be available later.

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