Steps you can take to become a YouTube creator

YouTube has taken the world by storm. There are YouTube stars everywhere now, and they have become a new breed of celebrity. The idea of being able to create videos from your bedroom and make money appeals to lots of people. There are channels out there that are generating six-figure sums for their creators. Below are some steps as to how you could become a YouTube creator.

Set up your channel

This is the first step to becoming a YouTube creator. Setting up your channel is fairly easy. Firstly, create your YouTube account if you don’t already have one, and sign in. You can then select the type of channel that you would like to create and select a category that best suits the kind of content that you will be creating. To make sure that you stand out, you will also need some channel art (this is YouTube’s version of a Facebook cover) – this gives you the chance to let your audience know a bit more about you. There are size specifications that you should follow (2560×1140).

Make a channel trailer

This can be a great way to introduce people to your channel and let them know what you are trying to achieve. It’s the first thing that people will see when heading to your page, and will be part of the decision-making process as to whether they subscribe to your channel or not. You can use a free video maker to get started. It will also be great practice for when you add content on there more regularly.

Make videos and compile playlists

Making your videos is always the fun part. Once you have a few videos, it’s always a good idea to create playlists for them. This means that the user will see your videos in a series format, and will be more likely to watch more of them consecutively. Auto-plays will do an effective job of ensuring that the user is engaged. Make sure that you highlight videos that you want them to see.

Share your content

Share your content not only on YouTube but also on other social media channels. If you already have the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, make sure that this user base sees your video content. It’s a great way to get traffic over to your channel. If you have an email contact list, it’s also a good idea to send an email encouraging contacts to head to your channel.

Analyse your YouTube data

In order to improve your content and make sure that it’s what the user wants to see, it’s important for you to make use of the analytics available to you. This will tell you how many people are viewing your videos and how they are engaging with your content. It will give you a better idea as to what’s working and what isn’t.

If you follow these steps, you will be well on your way to becoming a YouTube creator.


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