SA schools to benefit from Inkwali musician’s project

Inkwali musician TyraQeed has chosen to focus on the youth this year with the upcoming launch of the TyraQeed School Invasion to promote his EP ‘Shukela Guy’ and discover the next big thing.

Innocent Bayanda Mzimela’s latest project has already received a lot of people’s attention and he wants to give back to the youth, find and influence young talent through a competition. The competition will take place in various schools around the country and TyraQeed will donate to all participating schools.

The 23-year-old star is growing in leaps and bounds, not just attracting attention from here in SA but also across Africa. He switched it up this year after dropping his latest tape.

“This EP is just the beginning of a beautiful journey. It is a project that tells different personal stories that reflect on the youth and how they act or treat each other in general or in relationships. Also how the early experiences of heart-break and falling in love at a young age may strongly affect the person you become. More so, the decisions they make about life and love going forward,” he said.

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The African Indie star is a storyteller with his music, and his ever-changing style and versatility makes him a force to be reckoned with going forward. “Thank you all for support and I hope you’re ready for what we have coming next year for you.”

No date has been set yet for the competition but interested schools can email with the following information: school’s name, name of a teacher or contact person and a contact number, to receive an application form.


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