New chapter begins for Moyeni Pre-Primary School

There was cause for great celebration at Moyeni Pre-Primary School on Friday, 8 June when M-Projects handed over a new classroom. M-Projects answered the school’s need for more facilities to house the 100-odd young children by donating and installing the prefab building.

“We thank the following people who were instrumental in upgrading our classrooms by their generous donations and acts of kindness,” said principal, Felicity Morton. “Firstly Marty Lodetti and Daphne Kelly of M-Projects and their team.

“We are extremely grateful to current parents, Andrew and Samantha Herron and Lawrence McGregor for their negotiations and the time they spent on this project. Then a big thank you to our 2017 and 2018 executive committee members and all of our Moyeni parents for making this possible, as we work towards our 50-year birthday celebrations next year.

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The educational needs are huge if we want to guarantee a well-rounded education to address all the different needs of our children. All the above mentioned have brought us a step closer to achieving our ultimate goals and for this we are truly grateful.”


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