Roots reunion to celebrate Clairwood heritage

A Clairwood roots reunion family fun day and night on Saturday, 30 June will galvanise the bond of past and current residents with the aim of celebrating the illustrious past of this community.

Past and present residents are invited to come together from noon until late at the Clairwood High School grounds.

The event is hosted by the Clairwood Roots Reunion Committee, whose sole purpose is to cherish the bond of past and former residents and to show solidarity with the present day situation in Clairwood, with the decay of the once proud and beautiful suburb being deplored.

Many of the suburb’s former residents left because of the city council allowing the area to stagnate, according to the committee. These same residents went on to become successful professionals, politicians, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, musicians and playwrights, giving Clairwood much reason to celebrate.

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Aptly themed ‘a trip down memory lane’, those who gather at the reunion will relish the chance to reminisce about yesteryear. The celebration reunion fun day and night is lined up with exciting entertainment for both young and old. A children’s play area will be set up while the stage will showcase some top entertainment bands, such as Men In Black, Naked Truth and Nagara Group. A sari queen contest is to be hosted, which carries prizes valued at thousands of rands. The highlight of the evening is a spectacular fireworks display.

Admission is free and there will be fleamarket and food stalls available. There will be ample parking, extra security and increased lighting. Comperes for the evening will be the evergreen Jugga Pillay and Siva Naidoo. For more information, contact chairman Siva Naidoo on 084-566-7135.


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