Armed robbers assault Amanzimtoti employees

Armed robbers held up and assaulted two women when they arrived at work at a business premises in Beach Road, Amanzimtoti at the weekend.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios said the women opened the premises, including a back sliding door, when two men accosted them at about 6.30am on Saturday, 14 July.

“The suspects, both wearing blue overalls, one wearing a balaclava and the other a cap, ambushed the women at the back of the business premises. One of the women managed to run back into the building and lock the door behind her. The suspects assaulted the other woman who was still outside, punching her in the face, and she fell over onto a pot plant,” said Mathios.

“The suspects threw a rock through the glass sliding door and managed to get into the building where they proceeded to assault the other woman.” The gang produced a firearm and forced one of the women to open the safe.

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“They tied up the women and fled on foot with an undisclosed sum of cash and other valuable stock from the business. ER24 paramedics attended the scene and treated the women for their injuries. One of the women sustained an injury to her mouth and the other sustained injuries to her knee and foot,” said Mathios.

Amanzimtoti SAPS attended the scene of the crime.


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