Circus protesters should focus on polluting anglers

EDITOR – The complaint by Shaun Callaghan concerning McLaren’s Circus seems laudable but I have seen a show of the circus and I can assure you none of the animals are maltreated at all.

In fact, I found it interesting that their camels were grazing and browsing freely on the premises without being tethered or constrained.

What irks me is that the residents of Amanzimtoti seem to turn a blind eye to the pollution taking place on the beaches and rocks in the vicinity, caused by fishermen.

From my flat in Strandburg, I see the local people fishing and when they leave, invariably there is some litter left behind, usually plastic bottles and shopping bags.

Instead of wasting his time and energy in organising protests against the circus, Callaghan should rather launch a campaign to educate locals about the danger of plastic pollution in the sea.

Also educate them about the dangers of keeping undersized fish, which influences the replenishing of the fish population.

I suggest that stringent measures be implemented in issuing fishing licences, and that no fishing licences be issued to people without educating them about these matters.




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