Cycling club keeps Bobbi Bear’s wheels turning

AMANZIMTOTI Cycling Club set the example when it raised and donated a R6,000 Makro voucher to Operation Bobbi Bear.

The handover, which took place on Friday, 20 July, saw the local human rights organisation receive the much appreciated assistance, which will enable it to continue working miracles.

The local cycling club raised the amount not merely in the spirit of Mandela Day, but rather as active, compassionate members of the community should.

When asking Bobbi Bear’s Eureka Olivier what they most needed, she explained that donations in a voucher form are most suitable, as often the community’s heartfelt thoughts on what are most needed are slightly off-target and the organisation’s needs are ever-changing.

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Operation Bobbi Bear encounters and takes on severe cases of child abuse that the community could not begin to imagine take place right within it, or just outside. True admiration and respect is owed to this child welfare and rights organisation for all it takes on daily.

Cases that initially seem impossible to heal, with time and a huge investment of love the organisation invests, do infact heal. The children of today are the world’s only hope for a better tomorrow; the community is urged to contribute to the healing of these children through Operation Bobbi Bear’s work.

Call Bobbi Bear on 072-708-0095 or 072-443-2525 to find out how you can contribute to working miracles. Visit the website and Facebook page: Operation Bobbi Bear for more information.


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