Urban design framework on the cards for Isipingo CBD

eThekwini Municipality is undertaking an urban design framework for the Isipingo CBD area and calls on all interested and affected parties to provide their input into the process.

The urban design framework forms part of the regeneration programme and will rationalise the existing Isipingo CBD layout, conceptualise the development vision, and develop a detailed urban design in the form of a 3D block model.

The urban design framework aims to establish the opportunities and constraints in the area, identify suitable areas for informal trade and taxi facilities, analyse the road network and make recommendations to ease congestion, suggest a plan for a pedestrian network and for non-motorised transport.

A consultation process with relevant stakeholders kicked off with a focus group meeting with local leadership on Tuesday, 24 July. “The aim was to get their input about the challenges and needs in the area. Further focus group meetings will take place with representatives from informal trade organisations, taxi associations, civil society leadership and businesses in the area,” said the head of the development planning and environment management unit, Musa Mbhele.

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Councillor for Ward 90, Cllr Sunil Brijmohan said: “The urban design framework will bolster the work that is already being done in the area, giving us a clear direction and vision for the area.” Cllr Brijmohan mentioned traffic congestion, appropriate space for informal trading and cleanliness as major challenges in the area and wants to see the plan addressing those issues.

The current phase includes a situational analysis which looks at previous work done by the city, including a sector analysis covering planning, infrastructure traffic and transport, economic, and environmental which is encapsulated in the Isipingo local area plan and functional area plan. A review of this work will provide a baseline understanding of the broader Isipingo area and the CBD study area.

The next phase will see the development of the conceptual framework which will establish a vision and design philosophy for the area and a framework for a vibrant, unique and economically-viable public space.

This will be followed by the detailed urban design layout, and 3D modelling with projects as part of the regeneration programme before an implementation plan is done.

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Consultation with relevant stakeholders will be done throughout the project, as the city believes partnerships and private investment is important for the regeneration project to succeed.

If you have a comment to make into the challenges and needs for the Isipingo CBD area specifically, email your ideas to Velile Ndaba at velile.ndaba@durban.gov.za before 15 August.


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