Illovo Beach ‘Sharknado’ results in monster catch for local angler

Social media was abuzz with excitement at James Ballard’s video taken of a ”sharknado” at Illovo Beach yesterday, 1 August, 2018.

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: SARDINE UPDATE: Shark frenzy at Illovo Beach

While we at Illovo Beach, were still gobsmacked that this really happened right here on our doorstep, some more photos emerged of local angler Justin Coetzee with a catch that had us gasping – a humungous shark!

Read Justin’s account of the catch:

”So I got a call from my friend on Tuesday, asking me if I had seen the ‘sharknado’ happening right on my doorstep, which I hadn’t. So he sent me a video someone had taken of these monsters in the shore break.

”I left work a little earlier than usual, raced home, packed my gear and raced to the beach. When I arrived, I saw exactly what I saw on the video, monster-sized sharks in the shore break.

Justin grabbed a had full of sardines rolling around in the waves and began setting up.

”Using my Assassin Beach Master Heavy, Penn Slammer III 10500 with 100lb Berkley Whiplash, I threw my bunch of sardines in the shore break and waited.

”Thirty seconds into casting, I got pulled flat. The fish ran about 500m before it stopped, and then the fight began. Two hours later, and thanks to the help of a fellow angler, Bilal, I managed to land this 277mm female grey shark, converting to 321kg.”


When asked if the shark was released back into the sea, Justin replied ”always release”.

#Respect, sir


Watch the YouTube video here:


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