Burglary victim applauds Toti SAPS, CCPO for recovery

EDITOR – On the evening of Wednesday, 1 August, we attended the primary school mass choir event at Amanzimtoti High School, leaving home at 6.45pm and returning at 7.55pm, only to find that our home had been broken into.

A few electronic items were stolen, including my laptop which is critical to my business.

Panic struck as I realised all my business information was on the laptop and the I was struck by the daunting thought of the inconvenience I was about to experience with data recovery, especially during month end.We stay in a complex so you always think you’re safe but that doesn’t apply anymore. What I can say is, once our neighbours had heard of the incident, they were at our door giving their support and also trying to figure out how the thief got into our complex so we could inform CCPO.

It was literally within five minutes and the CCPO were already at our house to assist, and only a few minutes later, the SAPS responded to our house to take a statement.

I drove around with the CCPO and ET Security that evening as there were rumours that local people had seen the thief with my 32″ TV on his back, believe it or not.

We slept uneasily that evening.

The next day the fingerprint unit contacted me around 9am to check for fingerprints, which they managed to lift off a few objects in our house. They were very efficient and professional.

To my surprise I got a phone call from CCPO at around 10am, saying they had caught the thief in possession of all our goods, including my valuable laptop, through a tip-off. I drove to SAPS Amanzimtoti to find all our goods were recovered, even down to a R5 coin.

The honesty and efficiency I experienced at at the police station has to be mentioned and commended. They released all my goods at around 2pm, once they had taken photos and logged all the serial numbers for evidence.

It’s positive experiences like this that need to be printed in our community newspaper, so that all can see that the CCPO and SAPS do get it right and must be congratulated on a job well done.

I will forever be grateful to all the people involved. I don’t have to mention their names as they know who they are and the funny thing is, they all told me the same thing: “We do not do this job for recognition, we do it because we love what we do!”


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