Folweni SAPS unite teens through sport

In an effort to get youth involved in sports and focus on healthy living, Folweni SAPS arranged a fun Sports Against Crime day on Wednesday, 8 August with the assistance of eThekwini Municipality, Folweni Community Policing Forum and the Sports and Recreation Department for the high schools in Folweni.

The day started off with an opening prayer and welcome to all schools participating. Schools that participated in boys’ soccer, women’s soccer and netball were Folweni High, Sompukwane High, Ntwenhle High, Sphephele High, Masbambane High and Sbongindlela High.

Folweni High Schools enjoy netball and soccer at the Sports Against Crime tournament.

“Games started at 9am and ended at 2pm. It was a day where children interacted in a healthy social environment and had a lot of fun playing soccer and netball,” said Folweni SAPS communications officer, W/O Ndlela.

Folweni SAPS focused on crime awareness, drugs and substance abuse, urging pupils to make healthy choices and have fun doing sports instead of involving themselves with drugs and alcohol.

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“Teenagers today need to know that a team sport is fun. One doesn’t always have to participate by playing but even supporting the players or a team is fun. I believe the sports day united different types of teenagers all over Folweni in some friendly sports. We believe sports can fight and minimise crime.”


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