5 things to remember when buying a new bed

The team at The Mattress Warehouse understand that choosing the right bed is a very important decision and a task not to be taken lightly. Your health and wellness depend on making the right choice of mattress and bed base.

But before making that important decision, here are five things to remember when buying your new bed.

1. What size bed is right?

Thinking you’re buying the right bed and not having it fit in your bedroom would be disastrous and that’s why it is important to measure your bedroom beforehand.

Measure the space in your bedroom where you plan to put your bed. Ask yourself: Are you sleeping alone or sharing a bed? Do you want your space or are you happy to spoon in a small bed? Is your partner tall, do you need extra length on the bed?

2. Do your research

As people’s preferences differ, it’s important to read up on the kinds of mattresses on the market that are ergonomically designed for various physical and medical needs, and what you personally need.

Mattress technology and design are so advanced these days, and you have a wide choice available to you that promise different features. It can be overwhelming, and a pushy bed salesman can push you in the wrong direction. Go into the process equipped with the right knowledge to make the right decision.

3. Think about support

Yes, having a big bouncy bed may be fun, but when buying a new bed, rather worry about whether it will keep your spine in alignment, distribute weight evenly and reduce friction of pressure points to avoid aches and pains, and restless sleep.

There are four things to note about mattresses:

  • If you love a soft, bouncy bed, then an innerspring mattress will suit you and your budget. They’re less pricey than memory foam and natural latex mattresses. However, a few months or a year down the line; you may start having problems with the bed sagging.
  • Memory foam mattresses have much less spring, so you won’t get that bouncy feeling when you sit on it in the bed shop.
  • Memory and natural latex foam are designed to mold to the shape of your body, something that happens with the science of heating and cooling.
  • Memory foam and natural latex mattresses outperform innerspring mattresses for support and durability; this is what makes them pricier. However, your choice is also affected by the position you and your partner prefer to sleep in, how heavy you are and whether you are a restless or deep sleeper.

4. Think of comfort

Modern mattresses are designed for long-lasting comfort and this comes in the form new innovations in foam, where a modern mattress hugs a body shape and distributes the weight more evenly, thus reducing fiction on pressure points.

Innerspring mattresses are still a good option for comfort as they have come a long way in terms of sleep technology, but they are likely to start sagging sooner than the modern mattresses with memory foam. You need to flip over your mattress regularly and rotate it to keep it from sagging.

5. How much can you spend on a bed?

Don’t go cheap when buying a new bed as your health and mental state rely on a good night’s sleep.

Go to a bed shop, like The Mattress Warehouse, with a budget in mind, but if you find a bed that is right for you and it’s out of your price range, come back later when you have saved more money.

Try out beds with a bigger price tag and decide where you are willing to compromise. Well-known, big selling brands often come with bigger price tags. A lesser-known brand may have the right features – you just need to know what to look out for.


Trust the team at The Mattress Warehouse to help you select the most important piece of furniture you will own. Their knowledge and expertise are backed up with professional service and prices to suit your budget, as well as excellent after-sales service.

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