Amanzimtoti adaptive surfer stoked to compete

AMANZIMTOTI’s own adaptive surfer, Peter Glass (47) shared the stoke that surfing has brought into his life in the two years he’s been involved in the sport.

Not only has his involvement been life-changing and positive but he also achieved notoriety at this year’s SA Adaptive Surfing Championships, by winning the best wipe-out title.

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Some 20 years ago while living in Johannesburg, Peter was flying a microlite without a helmet and suffered an accident. He lost his right leg, had numerous bones fused and suffered hemorrhaging in his brain.

“I work on my healing everyday,” he said. “It’s coming on a lot better now, I just hope the pace picks up.”

Peter moved to Amanzimtoti and shortly afterwards, met Adaptive Surfing’s Wesley Smith.

“I started surfing a year or two ago,” he said. “Wesley used to live in Toti but now lives in Durban. Him moving away was a real loss, as I’ve yet to meet someone who cares more about Toti.”

Peter competing in the recent SA Adaptive Surfing Championships at New Pier, Durban. Photo supplied.


Peter normally surfs on Sundays at Moyo Pier in Durban. “It’s so good to get into the water,” he said.

“I find the ocean is very healing and it’s great fun.” The surfer sincerely enjoyed competing in the recent South African Adaptive Surfing Championships held at Durban’s New Pier and was awed by the contestants who came from all over to compete.

“We had people there from Israel, Wales, Hawaii, Cape Town, East London – from all over. It was great to meet all those different people. The event was so well organised by Made for More’s Julia van Zyl and her husband Leon. It was a complete success.”

Peter’s enthusiasm and love for life and his healing path shines as a light of example in the lives of many who too often take much for granted.

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Kingsway High School’s surfing team assisted with the contest.


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