Hudd Road robbery highlights anti-crime network’s value

EDITOR – On Saturday morning, 18 August at about 8am, my wife witnessed an incident in which two men attempted to rob a domestic worker of her handbag in Hudd Road.

She screamed very loudly which attracted my wife’s attention, and the two men ran off.

One of them was waving what appeared to be a handgun in the air. I immediately contacted the CCPO, and within a couple of minutes an ET Response vehicle was speeding down Linscott Road, followed shortly by a CCPO vehicle.

About 20 minutes later, about six vehicles arrived at our front gate, from Metro Police dog unit, ET Security, CCPO/Blue Security and Alpha Alarms with four suspects, along with what turned out to be a very realistic-looking gas pistol and a few knives. These suspects were taken to the SAPS.

Not long after that, a member of the CID arrived to follow-up on the investigation. I feel I really must compliment all involved in this joint efforts. It was also good to see the high motivation levels among all those concerned. It is certainly very rewarding to see the calibre of people involved in crime prevention in Toti. These combined efforts that are made certainly do make a big difference.

My grateful thanks to all those concerned. I can also only recommend that to those who are not members of the CCPO, you are losing out on a golden opportunity to make a difference in our community.


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