Who should we look to for traffic enforcement relief in Warner Beach?

EDITOR – ‘Concerned’ who penned the letters published in last week’s Sun dated 17 August and headlined ‘Speeding bikers are a blight’ is to be lauded for highlighting concerns about some of the prevailing problems in respect of Kingsway in Warner Beach/Winklespruit.

READ IT HERE: Speeding bikers a blight in Warner Beach

The question is posed whether there is anybody else who has a problem with the motorbikes using this busy and important thoroughfare as their private racetrack.

Of course there are many who are concerned about the overall deteriorating situation in Kingsway/Andrew Zondo such as the lack of signage indicating a speed limit, insufficient traffic calming, lack of pedestrian crossings, motorcyclists doing high speed ‘wheelies’ in broad daylight, noisy minibus taxis plying their trade, vehicles damaging expensive brick paving and so on.

Some may remember the days when the former Kingsburgh Municipality had jurisdiction and a 40kph speed limit applied along Kingsway, which was actually enforced by competent law enforcement personnel.

I know all about it, once being speed trapped for doing 47kph along Kingsway in my now distant and reckless youth.

‘Concerned’ raises questions about the role of the Metro cops but should we not also question the role of the ward councillor or is he perhaps too busy?



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