Parker Gardens sewage mess could have been avoided

EDITOR – To bring light to the Parker Gardens sewage problem, Andre Beetge was contacted and came to Parker Gardens in July 2017.

He had a site inspection with me to solve the sewage leakage from the transfer station in the adjoining property into Parker Gardens driveway and garage area.

He then said the municipality would build a wall and a trench to divert any spillage. When asked about getting the driveway and garage area cleaned up, he said we would have to do it ourselves as they do not have cleaning services. That was the last we saw or heard from him.

Now in August this year he reports that he is astounded by the volume and mess caused by the problem which could have been avoided had action been timeously taken, and which would have avoided all the current insurance claims and cleaning costs.

The adjoining property also houses a mini-electrical substation which is also unfenced. The residents and their dogs walk freely in this area but contractors cannot enter for fear of being bitten.

Repairs at this substation sometimes take 48 hours or longer to get access, as the repair teams wait for the owners to allow them entry. Parker Gardens tenants have at times waited two days or more to get their electricity reconnected.

All the Parker Gardens Whatsapp messages in regards to these problems are on record.


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