No dumping of hazardous material but waste company considers dust screen

A waste management company has allayed the public’s concerns about perceived dumping taking place alongside Amanzimtoti Golf Club in Prospecton at the weekend.

EnviroServ, whose truck was spotted loading an unknown substance from a container into a tipper truck adjacent to the golf course, insists the material was not hazardous, nor was it being dumped.

Chairman of Amanzimtoti Golf Course Conservancy, Ted Holden sent the SUN a photo of what was identified as an EnviroServ truck loading a white powdery substance on land adjacent to the golf club’s 13th tee box on Saturday.

On Friday when the truck was loading, the wind was blowing from the North. Local golfers gagged as a result of the dispersal of the material in the wind, raising concerns about what they may have breathed in. On both days, a cloud of the disposed material kicked up and dispersed in the wind.

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The golfers became especially worried when they spotted an official wearing full protective gear, which raised the question about whether people in the vicinity should have been warned of the operation, to ensure everyone was protected from any harmful effects.

In response to the SUN’s query, EnviroServ KZN manager, Dheena Govender said: “The photo shows the process of consolidation of non-hazardous waste from an EnviroServ skip container into a tipper truck, so that it can be transported to a landfill for disposal. This operation is conducted two to three times a week at this location, depending on volume. No waste is disposed onto land, and the trucks are parked on a specific area reserved for this operation.

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On being alerted to the dust problem last Friday, we investigated the situation and stopped the operation due to the wind. We are currently getting quotes to install a screen to prevent dust flying onto the golf course on windy days. We were not cognisant that the issue of the dust had increased to this level and assumed that it was just the Friday incident being an once-off (issue). But we are addressing the issue to prevent it happening in the future.”


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