Looking back – 25yrs ago in the Sun

A 52-year-old Athlone Park woman is off to Japan soon to pit her athletic skills against the world’s best at the veterans championships.

Penny England, who received her Springbok colours this week, will participate in three masters events at the 10th world veterans athletics championships at Miyazaki in Japan.

Penny is setting her sights on the individual 100m sprint and high jump and will also take part in the heptathlon which comprises of hurdles, long jump, high jump, shotput, javelin, 800m and 200m.

DOONSIDE businessmen are banding together to petition for more police patrols in the area.

Fred Bowley told the SUN there is little or no police presence in Doonside and businesses are suffering.

“Our customers who live in flats the other side of the railway line are too scared to cross the footbridge for fear of being attacked,” he said.

IT is against the Kingsburgh and Toti bylaws to burn rubbish on an open fire within either borough.

In term of the Kingsburgh municipal bylaws: “No person is allowed to burn any rubbish or refuse on any premises. It is also illegal to create any offensive smells or a smoke nuisance. However, garden refuse may be burned between the hours of sunrise and sunset. But the refuse must be contained in a suitable metal or walled enclosure while it is burning”.

AN emergency siren sounded at Umbogintwini Factory at 2pm last Wednesday.

The siren was initiated as a precautionary measure when a pressure-relieving safety device allowed access chlorine to escape. Although there was a small cloud of chlorine in the factory, it dispersed quickly and no gas was detected outside the factory perimeter fence.

ARTISTS are gathering together to assist KWOFTA in raising the R104,000 required to redecorate the exterior of the Jabulani flats for the aged.

This Saturday, 18 September, the Warnadoone Players organist Laurence Kelly and compere/entertainer Bryan McNally are holding a Grand Variety Concert in the Jabulani Hall in Sutton Lane, Warner Beach, opposite the Warner Beach Senior Primary School at 7.30pm. There will be a silver collection and tea and biscuits will be served at the interval.

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