Indwe Learning Centre shares its legacy vision

IN the name of community upliftment, a group of individuals met at Durban Pride in Galleria on Wednesday, 22 August to discuss their common goal – children and their future.

The event, which was themed ‘Be the legacy’ was hosted by the Illovo-based Indwe Learning Centre’s team who use the Montessori methodology, a form of education based on a foundation of learning through multi-sensory activities.

On arrival, guests were taken on a journey through the eyes of a child from birth to six-years-old, what they feel, think and experience.

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Indwe Learning Centre’s Cassandra Rogers and little Olwethu Mkhize, who is a learner at the centre, enjoy the event at Durban Pride.


“We asked participants to think of their journey and the legacy they would like to model and leave behind. We also asked participants to envisage what they would like to see in the community of Amanzimtoti,” explained Indwe Learning Centre’s head of learning, Iris Canham. “This is related to Indwe in that we are developing a centre to ignite human potential and create partners to work together to uplift the community.”

The Indwe Learning Centre is creating an environment for the development of human potential, where the centre will start with with the revolution of education from an early age while tackling social challenges at various levels.


To do this, it needs the community to tap into its inherent potential. Partnerships with individuals, other non-profits, businesses, schools and local government are crucial. Indwe Learning Centre is currently situated in Lower Illovo but seeks property in a more central area to be more accessible to the greater community.

“We need to be more central to carry out these services that stand to bridge the divide in our community and to create a sense of belonging for all who need it,” she said. “With so much negativity today, it’s increasingly easier to become despondent and overwhelmed. It’s important to encourage one another and take some time to reflect on the positive changes that have had an impact on our community.”

Attendees of the event spent their time and efforts working out ways to make changes in the lives of more children, through education.


Present as a stakeholder, Pam Golding’s Ben Homan commented on the morning:

“The Indwe team are enthusiastic and deserve our support. I view this as the start of something great. Over two decades later and the words of former president Nelson Mandela are still as true as the day he spoke them: ‘The true character of society is revealed in how it treats its children’,” he said. Homan further quoted Pam Golding in saying, “Nothing worth having is ever made alone”.

Ben Homan playing the djembe drum with an Indwe Learning Centre child.


Indwe Learning Centre’s next open day will take place on Friday, 28 September at 9.30am.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to experience our work and spend some time blessing our future generation with your words of encouragement, comfort and love,” said Canham. It will take place at the Indwe Learning Centre, 197 Old Mill Road, Lower Illovo.

To RSVP email The centre is only able to accommodate some 20 guests at the open day.


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