Call CCPO direct when crisis strikes

The Community Crime Prevention Organisation (CCPO) committee and operations manager implore members to contact the emergency number in times of crisis.

According to CCPO operations manager, Leon Joone members often phone him or the supervisor in an emergency, which delays the organisation’s response time.

“Those seconds or minutes that people waste phoning somebody other than the switchboard operator are vital to our response time,” said Leon.

“It is wasting time, which is crucial. By phoning the switchboard operator direct, we can dispatch our guards on the ground immediately to respond to your emergency.”

Members should also not phone the office number in times of crisis. “There is no-one in the office after hours, while the switchboard is manned 24-hours,” said Leon.

The CCPO emergency number, to be used only in a time of crisis by CCPO members, is 083-393-5066.

Earl Baillache

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