God’s ‘Little’ Creatures – The Ladybird or Ladybug

This is one little insect that has grabbed the hearts of many people especially the ladies, simply because of their delicate beauty.These little bugs are specially loved by gardeners because of their dark side, which is the fact that they are cannibals.

These little bugs and there Nymphs (babies) consume aphids in large numbers, making them very useful to keep around.

I have noticed that over the years that even the numbers and variety of Ladybugs has been getting less, i can only think that this is a direct result of us as humans needing to use insecticides to kill off the aphids.

Pictured is an adult Ladybug (main pic above) and a nymph (baby) (below) many folks do not know what they babies look like and unintentionally kill them.

(Please note that both pictures were taken at different times and different places, so I cannot guarantee that both are of the same species of Ladybug)


God Bless

Warren K Dick

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