Assist caravan park tenants with new homes

EDITOR – Since Winklespruit caravan park owner Mickey Stapelberg died in late 2014, the some 30 families who call the park home have been living in uncertainty regarding the park’s and their own future.

In January, the executors informed residents of their intended sale of the property, following which residents would be given a 60 day window to seek alternative accommodation.

We have continuously kept close liaison with the executor’s management agent to ensure that arrear municipal accounts are settled and essential services remain available to residents, irrespective that several have already moved to alternative locations.

Following the confirmation of sale, residents were served notice on 10 February to vacate the park within 60 days from 1 March, 2015.

While several care groups and individuals continue to render much needed assistance, the core problem remains alternate accommodation come 1 May and the inability of the majority of residents to commit to deposits, which are often required by letting agents and landlords.

As we have been functional in the park for several years, we are able to confirm that, irrespective of a few rough diamonds, the group essentially comprises of pensioners, single parent households, disability grantees and families who are barely able to make ends meet or afford market-related rentals.

An appeal is made to residents who are in a position to negotiate rental agreements without deposit, or who can accommodate people for a short period, or who are even prepared to adopt some of the pets, to contact me on [email protected]



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