From a car guard’s perspective

EDITOR – As a car guard who has previously worked at the mentioned Winklespruit mall parking lot, I would like to respond to the holidaymaker’s letter ‘Tip your helpful carguard’ dated 12 February.

Most ND vehicles are local and as Winklespruit is a small town, a large numbers of customers are elderly and pensioners.

Also, many people shop one to three times a day and are unable to provide a tip. Holidaymakers arrive twice a year for a short period. Throughout the rest of the year, where does our money come from? The locals. As a local, you get to know your car guard who to him or her, is not always helpful over time. Any car attendant (including myself) should know the festive season is over and until the end of March, improvements won’t be felt. It’s tough and sad each day you take home change.

Concerning the old car guard aged 75 years mentioned in the letter headlined ‘Caravan park tenants need a timeline’ was a danger and hazard to herself and the public. On two previous occasions, while I was on duty, vehicles have been in contact with her heels and there were many occasions she would trip herself. To the CE Mercedes, it was an accident waiting to happen. On numerous occasions, I warned the car attendant supervisor of such a thing that was bound to happen.



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