N2 breakdown crash claims motorist’s life

A three-car crash claimed the life of a motorist who had broken down next to the N2 southbound, opposite Kuswag High School at about 9.15pm on Sunday, 7 February.
Netcare 911 paramedics and Amanzimtoti fire department responded to the collision.
Reports from the scene indicate a vehicle had broken down at the side of the southbound carriageway, when another vehicle came hurtling down the highway and rear-ended the stationary car. It then slammed into the driver who was standing next to his vehicle. It is still unclear how the third vehicle became involved in the collision.
Paramedics from various services arrived and found the vehicle that had rear-ended the stationary car had veered across the centre median, its crumpled remains coming to rest on the northbound carriageway. After plunging down a steep embankment, the driver got out of the vehicle and was found seated near the passenger door.
After the injured were examined, it was found that one man died before paramedics’ arrival, while four others sustained injuries ranging from serious to minor. Medics treated the injured before transporting them to various hospitals.
Earl Baillache

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