Liberty happy on his own mission

Liberty has appointed himself as Seadoone Mall's resident security hound.

A local mall’s self-appointed security dog is healthy and happy and the public is requested to leave him be.

That’s the appeal from Seadoone Mall’s security guards who the dog has befriended, as well as the owner of the Two Vikings Fish and Chip shop who feeds him every night.

The tan-coloured male dog first appeared at the mall in November. It is expected he was abused as he is very wary of people and only allows the guards to touch him.

A customer nicknamed him ‘Viking’, but it is understood his name is Liberty. “He comes to the mall every afternoon,” said security guard Moses Nene. “He is fed by the night guard and then he patrols all night with him. He has made himself the mall’s security dog.”

As the night guard chases away loiterers and beggars from the property, Liberty has decided this is part of his duties and every night enthusiastically joins in. The one thing he won’t do is put a paw in the mall. When the guard does his inside patrols, the dog waits patiently for him to finish at the entrance, before continuing with the outside patrol.

“In the morning when I come to relieve the night guard, the dog is waiting for me to play with him,” said Moses. “He is too clever. He leaves the mall every morning before 7am and walks home to sleep.” The care-free hound has found a sleeping place close to the mall that only one person knows the exact whereabouts of. Not even his ‘work colleagues’ can point out his home. There he can have a peaceful sleep, safe in the knowledge no-one can sneak up on him.

Toti SPCA know about Liberty. “We can’t catch the dog,” said manager, Tracey Girling. “He is not adoptable. People say we must have him put down, but why as he’s quite happy.”

The SPCA does regular checks on the dog and has dewormed him. He had a shoestring tied around his neck, which was becoming tighter as he grew older, but the guards managed to cut it off.

According to all his carers, Liberty leads a bachelor’s life, eats like a king and he has a job, so besides being warned not to approach him, the public can rest assured he is content.




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Earl Baillache

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