Pollution continues unabated in bird park

EDITOR – After five years of community assessment, community support, newspaper articles, meetings and promises from municipal management there is no resolution or plan to resolve the issue yet.

The only reward for the community, who give their personal time, is excuses and sharp attacks against individuals from municipal management.

Up until now, the municipal departments have failed to come up with a workable plan, they failed to implement any of the promises that were made over a year ago. The blame for the pollution is always moved to the business park and the developers of this park, while at no time has the municipality or its management taken any responsibility for the resolution of the pollution.

The birds do not have voices to complain

The municipality continues to do the same thing daily for the past five years, expecting a different outcome or change in the problem. The polluters remain untouched without fines or any form of punishment. The birds do not have voices to complain, but we will keep talking and fighting on their behalf for a better cleaner Amanzimtoti.

I thank the committed members of public for their tireless contributions to assist with a non-responsive municipal management.


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